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The iShares Enhanced Strategic Aggressive Model Portfolio aims to provide investors with attractive returns consistent with a diversified aggressive investment strategy encompassing: • a bias toward Australian assets • an enhanced strategic asset allocation process leveraging a well-researched global framework built • efficient implementation via BlackRock's iShares Exchange Traded Funds

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iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolios are a cost effective, transparent, actively managed, multi-asset solution built with iShares ETFs, available via a Separately Managed Account. Each portfolio has its own unique objective offering exposure to various asset classes, industry sectors, style factors, currencies and geographies A simple way to build a diversified core portfolio based on more aggressive risk considerations using one low-cost fund 2. Harness the experience of BlackRock and the efficiency of iShares ETFs to get a broad mix of global bonds and stocks 3. Use to establish a long-term, balanced portfolio and combine with other funds for particular needs like incom At approximately 1/10 th of the average cost of Australian managed funds 1, providing broad market exposure to help build a diversified portfolio. Quality iShares consistently delivers quality ETFs that clients globally rely on to invest for the future.

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  1. The State Street Strategic Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios seek a distinct balance of risk and return. The more aggressive portfolios focus on long-term growth, while the more conservative portfolios emphasize current income and capital preservation. All of the Strategic Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios seek broad diversification by allocating across
  2. Morningstar Aggressive Growth ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio Fact Sheet | March 31, 2021 Expec ted Return Standard Deviation (Risk) Agg. Growth Growth Balanced Inc. & Growth Conservative Equity Income Asset Class Strategic Allocation as of 3/31/20 Current Allocation(e) as of 3/31/21 U.S. Equity 54.93% 53.71% Non-U.S. Equity 40.17% 41.33% U.S.
  3. As of March 31, 2021 Fact sheet wfam.com Spectrum Aggressive Growth Fund Asset class: Multi-Asset Class CUSIP Ticker Class A 94990B811 WEAFX Class C 94990B753 WEACX THE FUND The Wells Fargo Spectrum Aggressive Growth Fund is a fund of funds that seeks capital appreciation. FUND STRATEGY Invests in select underlying funds from Wells Farg
  4. Canada EWC iShares MSCI Canada 1.65% Eurozone HEDJ WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund 4.59% Sweden EWD iShares MSCI Sweden 0.39% Switzerland EWL iShares MSCI Switzerland Capped 1.32% UK EWU iShares MSCI United Kingdom 3.50% Pacific Rim ex Japan EPP iShares MSCI Pacific ex Japan 3.50% Japan EWJ iShares MSCI Japan 2.80% Emerging Market Equit
  5. 1. A simple and efficient way to gain exposure to a portfolio of ETFs that is broadly diversified by asset class and across regions, in one convenient package. 2. Continuously monitored and automatically rebalanced, as needed, in order to maintain asset class target weights. 3

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Description The iShares Enhanced Strategic Moderate Model Portfolio aims to provide investors with attractive returns consistent with a diversified moderate investment strategy encompassing: • a bias toward Australian assets • an enhanced strategic asset allocation process leveraging a well-researched global framework built by BlackRock, and • efficient implementation via BlackRock's iShares Exchange Traded Funds The iShares Enhanced Strategic Balanced Model Portfolio aims to provide investors with attractive returns consistent with a diversified balanced investment strategy encompassing: • a bias toward Australian assets • an enhanced strategic asset allocation process leveraging a well-researched global framework built • efficient implementation via BlackRock's iShares Exchange Traded Funds The iShares Enhanced Strategic Growth Model Portfolio aims to match or outperform the Benchmark over a rolling 5year period- . by . Target market The iShares Enhanced Strategic Growth Model Portfolio is designed for investors who : • seek access to a low-cost, diversified, risk based SMA Model Portfolio Use to diversify your portfolio and to potentially protect against inflation. The iShares Bloomberg Roll Select Commodity Strategy ETF (the Fund) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of a broad range of commodity exposures with enhanced roll selection, on a total return basis iShares Global 100 (AUD Hedged) ETF: 33.50: 14.69: 15.37: 12.78: 31-May-2021: 15-Dec-2014: 151.98: IAA iShares Asia 50 ETF: 33.21: 12.21: 16.91: 8.02: 31-May-2021: 13-Nov-2007: 120.05: IEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF: 26.41: 7.46: 11.26: 9.43: 31-May-2021: 07-Apr-2003: 72.38: IZZ iShares China Large-Cap ETF: 3.55: 1.09: 7.84: 7.63: 31-May-2021: 05-Oct-2004: 60.46: IJH iShares S&P Mid-Cap ETF: 34.19: 12.54: 12.9

iShares MSCI EM ESG Enhanced UCITS ETF USD (Acc) April Factsheet Performance, Portfolio Breakdowns and Net Asset information as at: 30-Apr-2021 All other data as at 11-May-2021 For Investors in the UK. Investors should read the Key Investor Information Document and Prospectus prior to investing equity and asset allocation investment strategies. The Firm manages $13.1 billion (as of 3/31/2021) and is unique in its top-down research approach versus the traditional bottom up style of most asset management firms. Richard Bernstein Advisors employs a macro-driven, top-down style to construct a global tactical asset allocation portfolio iShares MSCI USA Value Factor ETF. How To Buy. Add to Compare. Go to Compare. NAV as of May 17, 2021 $106.54. 52 WK: 68.59 - 107.85. 1 Day NAV Change as of May 17, 2021 0.17 (0.16%) NAV Total Return as of May 14, 2021 YTD: 22.98%. Fees as stated in the prospectus Expense Ratio: 0.15% This ETF is a one stop shop for investors seeking an aggressive strategy that tilts towards equities and away from fixed income. It should be noted, however, that risk tolerance concepts and objectives vary from investor to investor, so using a one size fits all approach might not be advisable. AOA maximizes simplicity, but many investors will.

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  1. Portfolios incorporate active management and tactical positioning to seek to enhance return potential, diversi®cation and alternative assets to mitigate risk, and passive strategies to manage cost. The Legg Mason Diversi®ed Risk Portfolio ± Aggressive generally targets 90% equity exposure. Investment objectiv
  2. ESG Advanced. Prioritize higher-rated ESG companies while extensively screening out controversial activities. STOCKS: USXF iShares ESG Advanced MSCI USA ETF. DMXF iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE ETF. EMXF iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EM ETF. COMPARE. BONDS: EUSB iShares ESG Advanced Total USD Bond Market ETF
  3. HNDL Strategy Shares Nasdaq 7HANDL Index ETF TAIL Cambria Tail Risk ETF YYY Amplify High Income ETF AOM iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF SWAN Amplify BlackSwan Growth & Treasury Core ETF AOK iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF AOR iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF View More Diversified Portfolio ETF
  4. The iShares Enhanced Strategic Conservative Model Portfolio aims to match or outperform the Benchmark over a rolling 5year period- . by BlackRock, and. Target market . The iShares Enhanced Strategic Conservative Model Portfolio is designed for investors who: • seek access to a low-cost, diversified, risk based SMA Model Portfolio

PORTFOLIO HOLDINGS (%) International Focus Fund, Class R6 3.1 Value Advantage Fund, Class R6 3.2 Emerging Markets Equity Fund, Class R6 3.2 International Equity Fund, Class R6 4.1 Market Expansion Enhanced Index Fund, Class R6 4.8 Intrepid Growth Fund, Class R6 5.5 U.S. Research Enhanced Equity Fund, Class R6 6. Investment strategy facts Style Enhanced Strategic Indicative number of holdings 5 to 28 Benchmark Morningstar Australia Multi-Sector Moderate TR AUD Index Minimum portfolio size $50,000 Code SMABLK04S . Objective . The iShares Enhanced Strategic Moderate Model Portfolio aims to match or outperform the Benchmark over a rolling 5year period- investment consultants cannot be held liable for any loss, expense and/or damage following from the use of the product information sheets. Sanlam Umbrella Fund Monthly Fact Sheet March 2021 Sanlam Monthly Bonus Market Values The trustees have approved an alternative default investment strategy suitable fo Investment Objective/Strategy - The First Trust Strategic Income ETF is an actively managed exchange-traded fund. The primary investment objective of the Fund is to seek risk-adjusted income. The Fund's secondary investment objective is capital appreciation. There can be no assurance that the Fund's investment objectives will be achieved State Street Active Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios. Key Facts. Seeks to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle. Focuses on identifying opportunities in the global capital markets. Over a 10-year track record (inception date: 11/01/08) Objective. Seeks to capitalize on short-and long-term mispricing in the global equity and fixed.

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This portfolio may also be available as a Managed Strategy or a Custom Managed Strategy through the Investment Advisory Program or through Unified Managed Account. If you choose to access the portfolio in this way, you should refer to the relevant Profile for performance information, not the performance contained in this Fact Sheet Our fund fact sheets provide a summary of key facts of Liberty's investment portfolio which allows prospective investors to make informed investment decisions

Model Portfolios: Complement Your Expertise with Ours. Your clients have unique investment needs. The challenge is dividing your time and expertise with each, especially in increasingly complex markets. That's why more advisors are complementing their practice with outsourced model portfolios—ones that align with their customized approach and. To obtain a prospectus, download online or call Customer Service at 1.800.222.5852 The subject matter in this communication is provided with the understanding that Principal ® is not rendering legal, accounting, or tax advice. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, or accounting obligations and requirements Stadion Tactical Growth Fund, Class I received an overall rating of five stars out of 218 Tactical Allocation funds based on risk- adjusted returns as of 3/31/21. Morningstar Ratings™ are based on risk-adjusted returns. The Overall Morningstar Rating™ is derived from a weighted average of the performance figures associated with a fund's 3.

Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income GPM Fund NYSE LISTED 4.30.2021 Investment Objective Distributions are not guaranteed and are subject to change. 1Distribution characteristics are based on the Fund's March 2021 distribution. Distributions may be paid from sources of income other than ordinary income, such as short-term capital gains, long-ter True Potential Portfolios are a suite of fully-diversified, discretionary-managed investment solutions. With wide exposure to world-class investment managers, as well as diversifying your investment by asset class and geographic region, you'll benefit from having more potential to grow your money and manage volatility, all in one Portfolio Fund fact sheets. Monthly documents that hold important information on different unit trust portfolios including asset allocation, performance and top holdings. Speak to your financial adviser today to get more information on how important correct insurance is for you A New Strategy Designed to be the MEGA of Megatrends. Orion Portfolio Solutions introduces a new thematic strategy designed to be the MEGA of megatrends by combining all five of BlackRock's megatrend ETFs - built with iShares - in one solution: the Orion Portfolio Solutions Megatrends Model Portfolio

Investment Strategy from underlying investment's prospectus The investment seeks to provide total return. as a third-party advisor to produce this fact sheet. In this capacity, Portfolio Optimization Aggressive-Growth portfolios are each structured as a fund-of-funds,. IYLD is an ETF-of-ETFs, which means that the underlying securities are other exchange-traded products. While there are a number of ETFs on the market that target these asset classes and seek to deliver high yields, IYLD is unique in that it includes exposure to stocks, bonds, and alternatives within a single ticker Complete Fund Range. South African Flagship Funds. Offshore Flagship Funds. Start with what it is you want to achieve (e.g. long-term growth, income and growth or income only), then click on Explore Fund or on the fact sheets for fund information. Select funds and compare them side by side by choosing the option at the bottom of the page Equity fact sheet search - MSCI. Equity factsheet search hero image. We calculate 200,000 indexes every day at MSCI and the end of day index data can be searched for here. Below you can choose to view a summary of index performance of around 3000 of our most popular indexes. Using a keyword search, type in the name of the index you wish to view.

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  1. Dynamic Aggressive Fact Sheet. The Dynamic Moderate Strategy. A dynamic asset allocation strategy designed to provide enhanced return, and reduced peak-to-trough drawdown compared to naïve buy-and-hold strategies. The portfolio has a long term strategic risk target comparable with a portfolio of 20% equity and 80% fixed income
  2. These fund fact sheets provide detailed information on the available funds, including each fund's objective, Glacier Moderate Aggressive Solution. These Wrap Funds use portfolio construction techniques to address the risks faced by those drawing an income in retirement
  3. Custom to the Core. For nearly 30 years, customizing portfolios to unique client goals has been our core pursuit. Discover how you can partner with Parametric to make passive investing personal. Learn more >>. Parametric_Launch_Anthem_WMS-Home from Parametric Portfolio Associates on Vimeo. Play
  4. Fund Fact Sheets. Through this portal, you can tap into Alexander Forbes Investments' insight and research, which spans the vast asset management and retirement industry. Individual Investor's Fact Sheets/MDDs. Range. • AF Retirement Income Solutions. • Closed Portfolio Range. • Equity Portfolio Range. • Fixed Income Portfolio Range

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Advanced Series Trust Letter to Contract Owners Semiannual Report June 30, 2015 DEAR CONTRACT OWNER At Prudential, our primary objective is to help investors achieve and maintain long-term financial success Aggressive PPS Global Balanced Fund of Funds: Long Term PPS Enhanced Yield Fund: Short Term Conservative Third party Investment Options Monthly Fact Sheet Quarterly Fact Sheet; Allan Gray Balanced Fund C: Allan Gray Equity Fund C: Allan Gray Money Market Fund A: Allan Gray Orbis Global Equity. RBC Global Dividend Growth Fund O. 4.6%. RBC Priv U.S. Large-Cap Core Eqty Pool O. 4.4%. Total % of top 10 holdings. 61.9%. Total number of portfolio holdings. 28. Total number of stock holdings Momentum Aggressive FoHF 21.58% 5.01% 5.04% Momentum Alternative Inv (infrastructure 1) Institutional on-balance-sheet portfolio Momentum Enhanced Factor 7 Portfolio Changes were made to the strategic asset allocations on 31 October 2020

Investo fund fact sheets. Monthly fund fact sheets with information on investment objective, risk classification, top holdings, performance and asset allocation monitors the Strategy to ensure that performance is in line with risk and return expectations. This Strategy is intended for investors who are willing to take a fair amount of risk. It focuses on capital appreciation over time. Investors using this Strategy should be willing to assume a high level of portfolio volatility and risk of principal loss Vanguard asset allocation ETFs. Vanguard is one of the world's leading asset managers, with more than $7.5 trillion USD in assets under management (AUM) globally. We are a leader in single-fund solutions, with more than $1.2 trillion USD in AUM in balanced, target-date and target-risk funds combined. 1 Browse a complete list of Vanguard ETFs, including detailed price and performance information Momentum International Balanced Feeder Fund is a Feeder Fund CIS portfolio. A Feeder Fund, apart from assets in liquid form, consists solely of participatory interest in a single portfolio of a CIS, which may levy its own charges, which could result in a higher fee structure for Feeder Funds than some other forms of CIS portfolios

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WisdomTree Yield Enhanced U.S. Short-Term Aggregate Bond Fund. The WisdomTree Yield Enhanced U.S. Short-Term Aggregate Bond Fund seeks to track the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Short Aggregate Enhanced Yield Index Austin. Pacific Investment Management Company LLC 401 Congress Ave, Ste 2200 Austin, TX 78701. TEL: +1 737-990-300 The latest fund information for Rathbone Enhanced Growth Portfolio S Acc GBP, including fund prices, fund performance, ratings, analysis, asset allocation, ratios & fund manager information Investment strategy Vanguard All-Equity ETF Portfolio seeks to achieve its investment objective by primarily investing in FTSE Russell is enhancing the ICB structures to Figures are provided on adelayed and unaudited basis as at the date of this fact sheet, may change at any time an Portfolios are structured based on risk of loss assessments and categorized as Growth, Balanced or Income. Portfolio allocation models are provided without any additional fees other than management and other fees that are contained within each mutual fund or exchange traded fund included in the portfolio allocation model

ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to two times the inverse (-2x) of the daily performance of the ICE U.S. Treasury 20+ Year Bond Index. This short ProShares ETF seeks a return that is -2x the return of its underlying benchmark (target) for a single day, as measured. Momentum Aggressive FoHF 21.58% 5.01% 5.04% Momentum Alternative Inv (infrastructure 1) Institutional on-balance-sheet portfolio Momentum Enhanced Factor 5 Portfolio Changes were made to the strategic asset allocations on 31 October 2020 portfolio's equity exposure will range between 0% and 75% of the net asset value. The composition of the portfolio shall reflect the investment structure of a retirement fund with an aggressive risk profile and shall comply with the prudential investment guidelines. The Momentum Focus 3 Fund of Funds, Momentum Focus 5 Fund of Funds an Learn everything about iShares Edge MSCI Intl Value Factor ETF (IVLU). Free ratings, analyses, holdings, benchmarks, quotes, and news View all ETFs provided by WisdomTree. Each Exchange Traded Fund is uniquely structured to offer the potential for performance, risk management, or both

payments. The underlying portfolio is mandated with more weight to less risky asset classes than a typical Balanced fund. The Sanlam Monthly Bonus Fund offers 100% capital guarantee and fully vesting bonuses. Fully vesting bonuses are declared monthly in advance. Anglos Naspers N 55.7% 21.7% 22.6% Sanlam Unity Umbrella Fund Monthly Fact Sheet. Investment Strategies. The Moderate Allocation Fund invests primarily in shares of underlying funds. The fund will be diversified among a number of asset classes and its allocation among underlying funds will be based on an asset allocation model developed by Madison Asset Management, the fund's investment adviser MSCI USA Enhanced Value MSCI USA UNDERWEIGHT NEUTRAL OVERWEIGHT <-1.5 0 +1.5< MSCI FaCS VALUE Relatively Inexpensive Stocks LOW SIZE Smaller Companies MOMENTUM Rising Stocks QUALITY Sound Balance Sheet Stocks YIELD Cash Flow Paid Out LOW VOLATILITY Lower Risk Stocks MSCI FaCS provides absolute factor exposures relative to a broad global index. Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 70 - The Sygnia Skeleton Balanced Fund is a Domestic - Multi Asset High Equity portfolio and shall comprise investments in multiple asset classes as set out below, which may also include international assets. The portfolio is a balanced portfolio compliant with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act and is benchmarked against a composite benchmark PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active ETF MINT benefits from the same high-caliber team and resources as its open-end sibling Pimco Short-Term PTSHX, as well as a similarly strong, albeit more.

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ETF Strategies. These strategies provide low cost, tax-efficient exposures to many segments of the financial markets. At a time when investors are more sensitive to tax implications, our ETF Strategies provide advisors with the flexibility and transparency that your clients demand He joined Eaton Vance in 2000. Mike began his career in the investment management industry in 1988. Before joining Eaton Vance, Mike was an equity analyst for Schroder Investment Management North America Inc. He was also affiliated with Fleet Investment Advisors and Phoenix Home Life Mutual Fund Insurance Co Sanlam Unity Umbrella Fund Monthly Fact Sheet March 2021 29.7% 47.1% Note: Performance figures are gross of investment management fees, but are net of any performance fees (if applicable). For portfolios in the Smoothed Bonus Range ,the returns are gross of investment management fees, but are net of any guarantee premiums

Performance charts for iShares Core Equity ETF Portfolio (XEQT - Type ETF) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines ETF seeks to pay a distribution rate of 7% the fund's net asset value come rain or shine You are leaving our website. You are leaving the Wells Fargo Asset Management website. We have provided this link for your convenience but we do not endorse, nor are we responsible for the content, links, privacy policy, or security policy of this website Use our college savings planner to see if you'll have enough for colleg

Mutual Funds. Our mutual funds are informed by global investment research addressing the demands of the ever-changing financial landscape. Every investor has unique needs and Lazard has built a suite of differentiated funds to help you find the investment solutions that best meet your needs Schwab Managed Portfolios - Mutual Funds. With Schwab Managed Portfolios™ - Mutual Funds you'll discover a convenient yet sophisticated way to get the diversification you need. Each portfolio is managed for you by the investment professionals at Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc (CSIM)

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The fund invests in 23 commodities spanning the five main sectors of energy, agriculture, industrial metals, livestock and precious metals. The senior investment team averages more than 20 years of industry experience, including an average of more than 12 years with DWS (as of 9/30/20) The strategy is managed by three veteran investors Nicholas Johnson, Greg Sharenow and Steve Rodosky, who are backed by the full spectrum of PIMCO's global resources. A leading global commodities manager, PIMCO launched its first enhanced index strategy two decades ago and its first commodity-linked strategy in 2002 RCCAV1017002 . PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS. ©2020 Information and recommendations contained in Smart Portfolio market commentaries and writings are of a general nature and are provided solely for the use of Adaptive Investments' Smart Portfolio, its clients and prospective clients Excelsior Moderately Aggressive Portfolio General information Portfolio objective enhanced long term return potential • has an investment horizon of 5 to 7 years Risk profile Please note that the implicit fees are disclosed on the website under each fact sheet range. Performance Cumulative Performance and Return State Street Strategic Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios. Seeks to provide optimal capital efficiency over a long-term horizon. The more conservative model portfolios are designed to generate current income, with some consideration given to growth of capital. The more aggressive portfolios are predominantly focused on growth of capital

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portfolios. MSCI FaCS consists of Factor Groups (e.g. Value, Size, Momentum, Quality, Yield, and Volatility) that have been extensively documented in academic literature and validated by MSCI Research as key drivers of risk and return in equity portfolios Fund Strategy. The 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund, sub-advised by Analytic Investors, seeks to deliver an equity-like return with significantly less variability by investing across global developed equity markets, taking advantage of the low volatility anomaly by going long lower volatility stocks and shorting higher volatility stocks, and dynamically allocating to high predicted alpha stocks Anatoly Shtekhman, CFA, Portfolio Manager at Vanguard. He has been with Vanguard since 2007 and has managed investment portfolios and has co-managed a portion of the Fund since 2016. Education: B.S., University of Scranton; M.S., Boston College; M.B.A., The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

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NEI Select RS Portfolios Simple decision, all-in-one solution Download Brochure. NEI Select RS Portfolios are high quality fund of funds solutions available in different risk profiles, designed to maximize opportunities and mitigate the risk of today's fast changing global markets Fundsmith LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is entered on the Financial Conduct Authority's register under registered number 523102. Fundsmith LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with number OC354233. Its registered office address is 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PW Objective . Reasonable current income and capital preservation, with modest potential for capital growth. Principal Investment Strategies . The Fund invests in a combination of other VT III Vantagepoint Funds and third party exchange traded funds (ETFs) to seek to obtain exposure to approximately 62% fixed income/stable value investments, 34% equity investments, and 4% multi-strategy investments Momentum Aggressive FoHF 21.58% 5.01% 5.04% Momentum Alternative Inv (infrastructure 1) Institutional on-balance-sheet portfolio Momentum Enhanced Factor 6 Portfolio Changes were made to the strategic asset allocations on 31 October 2020 Objective . High long-term capital growth and modest current income. Principal Investment Strategies . The Fund invests in a combination of other VT III Vantagepoint Funds and third party exchange traded funds (ETFs) to seek to obtain exposure to approximately 16% fixed income/stable value investments, 77% equity investments, and 7% multi-strategy investments


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Fact Sheets AllianceBernstein Funds There is no assurance the any investment, financial or estate planning strategy will be successful. Skip to Main Content Search Webfolio WT365 SPA Aggressive Portfolio . Class R6. SPA Balanced Portfolio . Class R6. SPA Conservative Portfolio iShares Morningstar Small-Cap ETF 314.04% ISCV: iShares Morningstar Small Cap Value ETF 222.18% DRN: Direxion Daily MSCI Real Estate Bull 3x Shares 14.03% RWK: Invesco S&P MidCap 400 Revenue ETF 7.03 Voya IM is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Voya Financial, Inc. and is an affiliate of the Adviser. Voya IM has acted as adviser or sub-adviser to mutual funds since 1994 and has managed institutional accounts since 1972. The principal office of Voya IM is located at 230 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10169 There is no data available. Broad diversification and low fees earn iShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index a Silver Analyst Rating. As investors look to both mutual funds and ETFs, a new rating helps choose between them. Costs, incentives and resources are possible factors behind the category's weakness

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Portfolio and benchmark returns for longer periods are based on mappings from certain old portfolios to the new portfolios and details of these old portfolios are on the individual fund fact sheets. 2. The underlying portfolio was changed from Momentum Enhanced Factor 3 to Momentum Enhanced Factor 4 during March 2019 December 31, 2018 > Income Model Strategies including Russell Investment Company Funds Class S Income Model Strategies > Designed to seek current income over a long-term time horizon > Intended as core part of an income-seeking portfolio > Designed to meet aggressive current income needs > Intended as a complement to a growth portfolio STRATEGY. Based on our Defined Risk Strategy (DRS), Swan Defined Risk Funds are an absolute return type, risk-managed approach to asset allocation designed for growth investors. The goal: to achieve consistent long-term returns while minimizing the downside risk of the equity markets. Key elements of our Always Invested, Always Hedged strategy. Satrix Enhanced Balanced 3.9% 10.5% 20.2% 6.7% 7.5% Total Fund 1.5% 3.9% 9.8% 6.8% 7.4% but are net of any performance fees (if applicable). For portfolios in the Smoothed Bonus Range ,the returns are gross of investment management fees, but are net of any Sanlam Unity Umbrella Fund Monthly Fact Sheet February 2021 Asset Allocation as.

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FACT SHEET/MINIMUM DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT PRUDENTIAL ENHANCED INCOME FUND 30 APRIL 2021 0860 105 775 Application forms DISCLAIMER Prudential Portfolio Managers Unit Trusts Ltd (Registration number: 1999/0524/06) is an approved CISCA management company (#29) Fund Fact Sheet Prospectus LDUR. Enhanced Low Duration Active Exchange-Traded Fund. Loading... Share. ADD. PRINT the fund offers the potential for an attractive yield advantage over ultrashort bond funds and other enhanced cash strategies. Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management View Profile Components of Moderate Indexed Risk Control. The fixed income core accounts for the majority of assets in the portfolio. We focus on quality to mitigate credit risk and duration to mitigate interest rate risk. The conservative strategy strives to maintain a level of at least 80% fixed income and cash. By investing long in call options, the. A Prudent Approach to Long-Term Investing. Tom Lydon July 31, 2020. For some investors with a medium- to long-term time horizons, playing it safe is the name of the game, but that task is getting. As of June 29, 2020, the fund was renamed Federated Hermes Strategic Value Dividend Fund. † ^ dagger disclosure The fund's expense ratio is from the most recent prospectus. The expense ratio may reflect voluntary fee waivers and/or expense reimbursements determined by the fund's Advisor and its affiliates

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